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Help Desk

Ask any question regarding a job you have in mind, or an enquiry that is more technical, and we will get you an answer ASAP!


We can help you in the right direction to set up artwork correctly for any project. We can offer advice on setting up your source files or how supply print-ready digital files for perfect results.


Get your colours right! We can help you understand the difference between RGB, CMYK, and Pantone Spot Colour.


We can help make sure you get the highest quality results from your photographs and digital files. If in doubt, just ask.


Unsure which papers and boards will perfectly complement your project? Never fear – we are here to provide our expert understanding of paper options.

Digital or Offset Printing?

Let us help you choose the most economical process for producing your job.

Envelope Printing

We can provide information on common envelope sizes and window positions etc.


When supplying your own artwork we offer either ‘soft’ ripped PDF proofs as a visual check to ensure everything appears true and correct before going to print.

Hard copy proofs are an option where colour is critical and careful inspection is required prior to approval.